Sunday, August 31

Asian Dragon Young Fashion: Sporty Luxe

It's Asian Dragon Magazine Jul-Aug 2014 Issue, and it featured the Young Fashion Section in Sporty Luxewear.  I just love anything from sporty, casual chic to very athletic look, because its comfort, ease at the eyes, and it's a ready-to-go look!  When pulling high end brands its part of the styling job to really carefully inspect and all goods are in proper handling, even during the actual shoot.

Check out the look that made in the print!  By the way, so far my fave for the "real people" styling editorial, to date.  

Photography: Von Oneil Buenconsejo
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associates: Baron Solomon, Timmy Diagone
Hair/Make UP: Francis Macapagal & Jannett Fadera 
of Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon

Special thanks to: SSI AX Armani, Lacoste, Springfield, Janylin, Jian Lasala, and Swatch

Monday, August 25

BCWMH: Maya's Baby Book

Star Studio Magazine Team called me to style for a special magazine story ft. Be careful with my heart's cast.  Maya's baby book is a special feature and guidebook for pregnant and mom-to-be.  It also featured new and exclusive photos inside from the cast.  I love to do this kinda of project since as a stylist I believe I need to be exposed in different kind of styling as well, plus who doesn't love this kinda tv show? 

On  cover: Maya is wearing A/X Armani white ruffle detailed dress.

Left photo only: Luke is wearing blue sweater from Springfield and gray pants from River Island.  Maya in A/X Armani Gray stretch dress, Sir Chief in A/X Armani striped top and navy blue pants from River Island

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assistants: Karen Abella, Patrick Perez, and Baron Solomon

Special thanks to Star Studio Team special mention to Ms Fatima and Ms Grace, Parfois, A/X Armani, Springfield and River Island. 

Thank you guys for always trusting the styling team for this huge project.

Until Next!  

The Voice Kids Charity Concert 

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Friday, August 22

MCA Music Album Covers

I just wish to include Music Album Cover and inner photo as part of my folio because its really very exciting, and also challenging to do projects as this since these will be in the Music Shelves forever!  The challenge also that it has to be a classic look that it won't look dated overtime or at our time, appropriate for the target market of the artist's music genre and importantly, its the artist personality as well.  

I owe this cover to the MCA People specially Sir Mark and Sam for the trust and unwavering support to the my styling team.  

Check out the artists and pick your music genre guys, all are available in all music bars, stores nationwide! 
 Let's support OPM!

Styling Team:
 Aisa Ipac, Klaudeen Cawili, Patrick Perez, Timmy Diagone, and Karen Abella.

Monday, August 18

Asian Dragon: Mod Review

I just love July, one probably is that I had several editorials and I owe it alot to the editors and publications who entrusted me with the job.  I can't wait for next month since it's gonna a celebrity overload... but for now, its a 60's Mod fashion from Aline skirt, Mod shift dress with a quirky approach.

I had to mention Gigi, aka Melu-Jeen for being a savior, stepping as a hairstylist for the day.

Check out the rest of the layouts below:
Sirene: Shoes, Jimmy Choo; Dress Noel Crisostomo R (all): Joel Escober of Myth; Shoes from Celine, SM Sucat Fashion Outlet; headband, Evita Peroni

Text: Francesca de la Cruz
Photographs: Ria Regino
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assitants: Vince Abarra, Ipo Gonzales and Alfy Almonte
Makeup: Ria Aquino for MAC Cosmetics
Hairstyle: Melu-jeen Apostol
Models: Sirene & Nikolina at Ideal People
Songs by The Beatles
White Sequined top: Rosenthal Tee
Silk Skirt: Randy Ortiz of Myth
Shoes: Celine from SM Sucat Fashion Outlet

Ronaldo Arnaldo /  Joel Escober of Myth
Scarf, Hermes
Bag, Bulgari

All dress by Noel Crisostomo of Myth; Headband by Evita Peroni

Bag and Shoes, Jimmy Choo

Sirene: Black Dress, Randy Ortiz of Myth
Nikolina: Sequine dress as top, and black white skirt, Eric Delos Santos

All fine jewelries from Jewelmer Joaillerie, and Bulgari

Special thanks to Chesca, Fashion Editor and the rest of the AD Team for the continuous support and trust to the styling team.


Wednesday, August 13

SW: Asia's Next Top Model ft Jodi and Katarina

 When I had a go signal under Ms Liza, SW EIC, to proceed with the cover story ft our Phil Rep Jodilly Pendre and Katarina Rodriguez, 1st and 2nd runner up respectively of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2, I'm literally cramming to book them for the shoot.  Kata was in Singapore and Jodi in Taiwan and how will this be possible? I had to manage the sched and finally it work!

The original concept was to made them fight like a battling to be on top since we had 2 rep coming from the Philippines.  To add character and make it realistic, why not add prosthetics, special effects like bruises, cuts, and bumps and little little blood.... exciting! 
Its Fall inspired Color Therapy but during the pull, I had difficulty pulling coloful dress and opted to go with the Couture Gowns and had a twist - 1 can wear Haute Couture, and 1 can wear streetstyle Couture gown.  Its Couture VS Streetstyle!  Check out the moodboard I made from hair to make up to the feel of the shoot.  By the way, super love the make up from Anthony Vaccarello Fall 14 and prosthetics - NAILED!

Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assistants: Timmy Diagone, Vince Abarra and Ipo Gonzales
Hair/Prosthetics: Katchie Mejias 
Make Up: Terence Buenventura 

Albert Andrada

Rosalthal Tee
Jerome Ang Salaya of Myth

Noel Crisostomo

Joel Escober of Myth

Joel Escober of Myth 
Vania Romoff

Special thanks to: HeyJow, Christopher Munar, Koket Fashion and Manual Clothing

Tuesday, July 22

Uno Mag: Roxanne Cover

It's my first cover with Uno Magazine ft. Roxee B., in their Music Issue. The original peg inspiration is Katy Perry in different genre from vintage to quirky nautical feel.  We do  different layouts and options for her and hope you like it!  Men, get ready and get the complete magazine layout look here!

Special thanks to Kat, Marian and the to the Vince, Ipo and M for helping out.

#covershoot #styling #teamjearDMC 

Tuesday, July 15

SW: Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 14 Trend Report

Good day, so excited to share with you my story on the Phil Fashion Week Holiday 2014 and this time its a Trend Report.  Read on.


This Holiday season it seems like the only way to go is higher!  Designers including Albert, Richie, Xernan, and Vania amped up their pieces with a high slits - from RTW dresses to long gowns.  Showing more skin is definitely irresistible now.
Albert Andrada
Richie Bondoc

Vania Romoff

Xernan Orticio


There is a sense of royalty, romanticism, and sophistication incorporated in the designs that featured the 3 B's - Baroque, brocade and beadwork.  White Chris showed the mark of true artisan with his all-white ensemble.  Cherry commanded attention to his collection with brocades.  Meanwhile Eric played with tulle and embroidery for a 3D effect and Jaz made use of full embellishments.

Cherry Veric

Chris Diaz

Eric De Los Santos

Jaz Cerezo


Black dominated the runway - from start to finish, most pieces were in black!  But to add character to their collections, designers including Jerome, Philipp, Dave and Anthony played with silhouette, cuts and forms in a clever, fun, and modern executions.

Anthony Ramirez

Dave Ocampo

Jerome Salaya Ang

Philipp Tampus


Creative uses of wraps, ties, and belts were just a few of the styling techniques featured on the runway.  Vania finished some of her looks with a chic bows, Xernan delicately cinched his wrap around the waist for an edgier look, while Veejay used a belt to create a belt knot, and Anthony gave the wrap top an Oriental feel.

Anthony Ramirez

Vania Romoff

Veejay Floresca

Xernan Oricio

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