Wednesday, April 23

FHM Dec 2013 Issue: Alice Dixson Cover

This is probably one of my most memorable and challenging styling experience and I couldn't be more proud of the risk, trust and love the team had put in it to make the shoot possible.

This shoot almost didn't push through, and its for FHM Dec Issue, yes, year-ender, thus a critical covershoot.  Prior to the photoshoot, we had a production meeting to talk about the agreed hair/make up and styling direction.  Pegs, poses, and hair-make up were presented and discussed. 

During the actual shoot, FHM Team, Doc Marlon, Ms Lana and I showed to Alice the agreed, hardcopy of the peg since she wasn't in the production meeting.  She was surprised that the photos shown are not what she actually approved.  Given the initial, approved peg is more of the edgy, fierce, glamazona to provocateur-ish, she actually leaning more of the soft, ethereal, very natural feel.

I freaked out because its totally different from what I pulled. Ms. Lana and I discussed the options, and Lana was able to pull some stuff and I was able to use what we had on our pulls that fall on the new peg, and even Doc Marlon offered his Stylist Closet for us to check.

We had another round of meeting on what we can do and if its ok with Alice to proceed with the shoot.  I am very overwhelmed and has another level of respect to Alice of taking a risk and being professional to the team despite the circumstances.  The team was able to do a very classy, sexy and yet tasteful output. 

Check out the final layouts and behind the scene photos from the shoot.

My Fave

Photography: Doc Marlon
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assistants: Kaye Awatin, Gracie Millan, Aira Armonia
Make Up: Tin Alabano
Hair: Marben  Talanay

Of course, my fave as well! The Cover!

Trivia: MORE of firsts, my 1st with Doc Marlon, 1st cover with FHM, and my 1st with a delicate shoot! Nerve-racking right? But definitely worth it!

Prior to the shoot, Doc and I had a very thoughtful discussion of the Philippine Fashion and how amongst themes and editorials, sexy is the hardest, sensitive, challenging one because you can either go cheap or tasteful.  

Challenging in a way, for me, is that yes, its less of the clothing-accessorizing, but remember styling is not just about providing clothes, its about taste as well - proper clothing, accessories, and poses if needed, with the consideration of the branding of the magazine and its readers and market.

Candid Shots, LOVE! 

Special thanks to Doc Marlon, Ms Lana, Alice, and to the FHM Team for the trust in the styling team.

This is after the shoot, reviewing the shots! Photo grabbed from Alice's IG

Kudos Styling Team: Gracie Millan, Kaye Awatin, and Aira Armonia

Monday, April 21

Different Styling Stint of March!

Here we go! I know it has been all about styling-fashion, just a little bit of patience, I'm prepping something big for the next posts! Clue: NON - FASHION related, now, discuss.

First Up! Inside Showbiz ft. Miles and Marco on the cover! Styled this 2 young sweethearts.

What do you think about their looks here?

Styling Team: Klaudeen Cawili, Timmy Smithson, Karen Abella, Patrick Perez

It's my 3rd run for SM Southmall 3 Days #theBIGSale.  So thankful of the clients who keep coming back and keep trusting my team.  My big shoutout thanks to SM.

Styling Team: Dane De Mc Cuttac, Psay Castro

Another 1st in my experience probably is the Campaign in a Calendar for a Phoenix Gasoline.

This is actually prior to my Cambodia Trip.  Thanks Ms She! 

Styling Team: Gracie Millan, Timmy Smithson

Friday, March 28

SW: Alden Richards Cover Story

 I just love working with recurring model/celebrity because you got to make another different look/style for them, and you got to compare your work if it evolve, improve or progress over a period of time.  

This time its Alden Richards, when Managing Editor Ms Maris texted me if I can style Alden, I totally freaked one... 1. He's a charmer 2. Got to re-style different look and 3. Another cover!  I couldn't thank more the SW Team! 

 Check out the final and some of the unpublished photos in the shoot.

Before the actual shoot or story submission, I consider previous looks, published style, and trends that has been done especially for a specific celebrity-cover.  In this case, Alden has graced a cover of Garage with sporty, color-block scheme and Mega Man released a summer campaign of FHM in their editorial.  Thus, in story board creation, I took the consideration of what has been done and explore the Menswear Trends and mix them up!

Played the florals and athletics, why not both? Right?  Check out below and let me know what you think of the looks.

One my fave, and he was actually wearing gold chain bracelets.
Cool and Cute!

Florals and longsleeve cutouts! Top by Francis Libiran of Myth, Zip detail pants by Renan Pacson.

Photography: Chester Ang
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Assistants: Aira Ainomra, Patrick Perez
Grooming: Al De Leon 

Special Thanks to: Ms Maris, and the rest of the SW Team!

Given a no print layout as breather in between and focus on the athletics!

Coolest photos up next!

And of course, I won't slip the couple shot! Hehehe

Until next, its EPIC, promise!

Sunday, March 23

AD: Young in Prints

My First editorial for Asian Dragon Magazine, and so excited for the collaboration!  The concept is young achievers in Print on Print, with a Pop Art Graffiti.  Check out the final layouts released for Jan-Feb Issue:

From florals, to animal to ethnic, to graphic prints!

Cool combo: floral and pop art to Aztec!

Considering the layouts and the graphic background, opted to style some layouts with prints on prints and some just 1 solid color and print yet still feels summery!

Cool Twin bros!
Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac & Kaye Awatin
Styling Assistants: Klaudeen Cawili, Timmy Smithson, Dane De Mc Cuttac
Make Up: Dianne Lorenzana
Hair: Mark Familara

Special Thanks to Chesca and AD Team.

Tuesday, March 11

Star Studio X Meg Imperial X Coleen Garcia

It's all summer, and yes, I'm so inspired and loved to finally get back in writing.  1 of the 4 shoots I had this summer season is with swimwear-summer editorial.   1st hit, its Star Studio Feb March Issue ft. Meg Imperial and Coleen Garcia.

Check out some of the final layouts! One word to describe it, its HOT!

Meg Imperial
 One of the hardest probably to style is the little clothing, the swimwear to monokinis to bikinis.  Why? Pieces should be picked to sexy yet with taste and in theme with the concept.
Accessories by HeyJow.  Thanks Joanna for the costumed made accessories.

Coleen Garcia

The shoot inspiration is taken the Jlo's Waiting for Tonight MV where she dances in sexy little clothing with green laser light at the back!

Uber thanks to the styling team who innovates some clothing and styling here! 

Kudos Klaudeen, Pat, and Karen!

Trivia: To Hide the Aztec Neon Print in the bikini bra from Speedo, we placed studded bracelet in between the mid bra! Buala! 

Special thanks to Ms Grace Libero, Speedo, Soak, Jelly Bean, and Koi.

Monday, January 20

Style Weekend Jessica Sanchez

Happy New Year, or I would say Happy Chinese New Year already? Anyway, sharing you my first release for the year, Style Weekend Cover ft. Jessica Sanchez, out last Jan 10.  This was taken last Dec and I can still vividly recall the almost-surreal experience when Managing Editor Ms Maris texted me if I can style Jessica Sanchez and the photographer of the shoot is Mark Nicdao.  It was those rare moments where I'm dumbstruck and feel numb for a few seconds, the moment you're trying to ponder if this is a hallucination or some kind of a dream!  I immediately thanked Ms Maris and informed her that it's actually one of my styling dream, collaborating with American Idol's runner up Jessica Sanchez and with Mark is totally AMAZING! 

Check out our first layout that also made it on a cover! 

Photography: Mark Nicdao
Styling: Jear De Mc Cuttac
Styling Associates: Kaye Awatin, Gracie Millan
Make Up: Al De Leon
Hair: Ricky Diokno

The Metallic trend was taken from the SS14 and I couldn't be more excited since this hasn't been done and metallics is a challenging trend to pull off!  I want to challenge my self on the styling and the team on how we can create a look that is relatable to Jessica's personality and status with class, and as well envisioning that it can make it BIG this summer in our tropical paradise Philippines! 

This Bronze mettalic long gown was custom made by Albert Andrada, few days before the shoot! One of my fave!

I tried mixing RTW as well so as not to go overboard with the metallics, thus here Jessica is wearing a silver metallic top from Ever New.
The Mettalic Silver Skirt is custom made by Eric De Los Santos exclusively for the shoot as well with the Gold dress, to be shown below.

Guess, where's the metallic here? Aside from her shoes, there's a metallic silver clutch as well but it didn't make it to the final cut.  One of my fave as well!

I want to inject a personal style of Bronx-Street style with a little Diva with Jess here.  Her bracelets actually are gold spikes and pearls just to make some edge to her look and a pullover wrap over a cocktail dress? What do you think?

For the final layout, we tried to pull off a classic PRINT look and a skirt since she tried everything but no prints yet.  
This is basically how adorable and fun to work with Jess and Mark! Feeling tropa lang kami right? :)

Special thanks to Ms. Maris and Ms. Liza
Style Weekend Team

Of course, I got to to have a moment with Mark :) 

Thank you so much styling Team for helping and pushing creativity to the next level! We know all how difficult and how we keep challenging ourselves to create a different looks and yet not expected or been done.

To God be the Glory!


Thank you.
Topshop, River Island, Mango, Forever21, Primadonna, Ever New, Figlia